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We are…

- Believers in the social, emotional, developmental, and athletic benefits of girls’ hockey

- Focused on your child and her growth as a player, student, and young woman

- Committed to providing a qualified coaching staff who teach the game of hockey in a positive environment where children can thrive and reach their highest potential

- Guided by the belief that players learn and perform at their best when they feel confident and supported in an environment where it is safe to leave their comfort zone and take risks

- A stable organization with 30+ years of history and a unique culture of mutual respect and teamwork 

- Proud members of the NJYHL and MAWHA

- Designated Tier 2 (National-Bound) by the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association


Our Mission

young hockey player smiling wearing a hockey helmet and Devils Youth game jersey.

OUR MISSION is to help our female players reach their highest potential as players and people.  We provide our girls teams with equitable resources, including coaches who combine hockey expertise and sound, age-appropriate skill instruction with the desire to serve as good role models, form meaningful relationships with the young women they coach, and instill a love of the game.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a safe, fun, and engaging environment where girls at all levels of interest and ability can learn and play ice hockey
  • To develop each player as an athlete and an individual while teaching the fundamentals of hockey, teamwork, discipline, and hard work
  • To create the best possible hockey experience for each player by enhancing friendships, teaching life lessons, and instilling a love of the game
  • To encourage our older players to give back to the girls hockey community through volunteerism
  • To grow the game by designing innovative programs that increase girls’ participation in the sport
  • To become leaders in the world of female ice hockey

Our Values

  • Safety.  We consider the safety of our members to be our top priority.
  • Sportsmanship.  We compete in a fair and respectful manner.
  • Excellence.  We are committed to constant improvement and welcome constructive and respectful feedback.  
  • Stewardship.  We seek to leave the game better than we found it.
  • Leadership.  We model the behavior we wish to see in our players, families, and community.
  • Integrity.  We speak and behave in ways that are reliable, honest, and fair, even when it isn’t convenient or comfortable to do so.
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness.  We encourage participation at all ages, skill levels, and interest levels and welcome players and families regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or place of origin.